Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yet Another Menopause Update

Aahhh, menopause. What is there to say? If you think menstruating is the "curse", wait til you try stopping.

It turns out that the first post that I did helped me to focus on what's going on to set a plan manage symptoms. The second update let me see how I kept to or failed in planning. I think the secret is to only identify a few things at a time so that they are more manageable.

So here's my two cents, and my own experience. Follow up to plan:

1. Menopause - I can report that it still sucks. Hot flashes come and go, currently in a "come" phase. I'm boiling hot in head and chest, freezing everywhere else. I have noticed that they are mostly triggered by stress or annoyance. On the plus side, it forces me to remember to breathe deeply and not feel stressed or annoyed. Still getting bad headaches, about every 28 days.

2. Sleep - still my number one preoccupation. Slight improvement with a trial-and-error combination of approaches. More details separately.

3. Exercise - I'm getting plenty because I am walking 2 - 4 miles six days a week, and running at least a mile four days a week. I know this is a good thing, but I haven't lost any weight as a result. So disappointing.

4. Health - Remembering to wash hands very frequently, and so far not even a cold. This is very unusual for me. Also got a regular flu shot (but not H1N1.)

5. Eating - I eat pretty healthy, and not too many processed foods. But I still need to lose 100 pounds and it seems impossible.

I don't think I need a new plan at present - just keep working to reduce severity of menopause symptoms and maintain (and improve) overall health.

If you are just starting this menopause phase, I can tell you that I spent a year in panic as each new symptom started and seemed overwhelming. I'm more practical about it now, but managing menopause is a little bit like gardening - it takes time and patience to get to the end of the season.

How are YOU doing?


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  1. Wouldn't it be helpful if menopause came with a manual.. and especially a timeline. I am 52 and have had several years of hot flushes. Now they are gone but I have had several months of very heavy periods with resulting anaemia. No idea what is coming next! Like you I keep running and walking and I am sure it helps.. but not for weight loss. Hang in there..
    Kay (New Zealand)