Friday, September 5, 2008

How Does This Happen?

Now that I am exercising regularly and trying to get more fit and saying "well, I only want to be fit" (while secretly wishing to be a bombshell )-- I've been thinking about how the heck I got here.

So maybe you are reading this somewhat smugly and thinking "wow - 100 pounds. That would never happen to me!"

Oh, my naive friend - you have no idea. Don't think of it as 100 pounds - think of it as less than 10 pounds a year, over 15 years. See what I mean?

And it's like one day you wake up and say "how did this happen to me?" Not that it matters - what matters is getting fitter and healthier - but still.

So that's how it happens. Slowly and easily. Don't ever let up on your vigilence or your ass will take over the world. *sigh*

Do you think a 48 year old menopausal woman can get hot again? (And I do not mean "hot flashes".)

1 comment:

  1. Hey, we are HOT, we just come in Hot Flashes :)

    And YES you can be sexy, skinny and happy.

    I just lost 15 lbs, and you know what??? It was easier than ever, Are you a member of There is a group on Weight Watchers, come check it out. or message me and I'll give you details.