Friday, September 12, 2008

Owl Hill, Our Farm in the Catskills

Did I mention that we (Beloved and I) bought some property in the Catskills? It's a lovely rural area and we are going to build a house in a year or two. We've named it Owl Hill. Because I wanted to. And it is on a hill.

We have six acres with a barn that acts as a maternity ward for some local cows, a small horse stable, and a falling down shack. We have a stream and some apple trees, and a huge expanse of meadow.

So yesterday we were there and had to clean out 50 years of debris from the little horse stable thing. It was filthy and way hard, but it looks so good now! We pulled out more than a dumpster's worth of junk and (literally) shit.

So there is a link here to my fitness journal - first, cleaning out a barn is EXERCISE. Second, if you are carrying logs and planks and bales of barbed wire your menopause symptoms abate. Either that or you are so hot and sweaty anyway that hot flashes don't affect you. I recommend it.


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