Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Short Update

How has so much time gone by? So brief updates are in order:

1. Menopause. It still sucks, but is slightly more manageable post D&C. I had a period, and while it lasted longer than usual there were no cramps to speak of. Still getting the occasional vicious headache, usually around the time I would get my period. I started taking some herbal supplements and using some over-the-counter estrogen/progesterone cream but stopped both. More on that in a dedicated post.

2. Fitness. Good and bad. Ran in that relay marathon, had a blast and finished with my best time ever. See what fear can do? I got to be the one to cross the finish line and everyone was applauding and my team and family were all there and it was AMAZING. But... I ended up with shin splints and plantar fasciitis so have been sidelined. And bizarrely, I miss running. I've had a crap immune system for the past couple of months, so between the injuries and being sick I have not been able to keep up with running or bicycling.

The plan:

1. Full general checkup to see why my immune system is so weak.

2. Back to running/cycling in such a way as to not aggravate injuries.

3. Run in a 5K in July with my relay team.

4. Figure out how to STAY on an eating program that will result in healthy, consistent weight loss. (It might be easier to run a MARATHON than do this.) I don't aspire to look like I did at 25, but I *would* like to be at a healthier weight. I mean, I know HOW to do it, but the actual DOING is hard.

What do YOU do to stay on track?



  1. Dear owlette.. I wish you would consider continuing your hournal.. it is just what I need to read right now as I battle meno at the other end of the world!

  2. I agree - there is something comforting about knowing that others are going through the same things. I will try to update soon!


  3. thank you!
    kay (New Zealand)