Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Short Update

The time just flies, huh? So another update is due.

1. Menopause. Sucks worse than ever. Back to getting a monthly migraine and bloating for which there are no descriptive words. It would seem impossible for any one human body to retain so much water without exploding. Recently I started getting hot flashes of intense intensity (yep. that's how they feel. don't question me.) Drenching, must-mop-my-face-like-a-day-laborer-because-otherwise-I-would-be-blinded hot flashes. Followed by what I can only call cold flashes where I am suddenly freezing and need a blanket. It's like I have no internal temperature regulator.

2. Sleep. Needs its own line now. It's been months since I had a full night's sleep. It's so bad that even hot flashes take a back seat. No problem falling asleep, but staying asleep? Impossible. Some nights I just wake for a few minutes every hour or so, but other nights I may be awake for hours. I have tried almost every single trick in the book:

a. I go to bed and get up about the same time every day.
b. I ease into sleep time with a calming routine.
c. I drink only one caffeine drink a day, in the morning.
d. I exercise 5-6 days per week.
e. No work in the evenings.
f. No tv in bed.
g. If I'm awake for more than an hour, I get up and read in another room.
h. Sleeping room is dark and well ventilated.
i. I use a C-PAP machine for sleep apnea, without fail.
j. OTC herbal sleep remedy made no difference.
k. Remifemin made no difference.
l. Custom Chinese herbs do not seem to make a difference, even tweaking the formula.

The only thing I haven't done is give up my single glass of wine or beer with dinner. *sigh* If that does the trick I will want to jump off a building. I'm stubbornly resisting it.

3. Fitness. Foot injuries have not really healed, but I'm running when I can and walking otherwise. Most days. When I'm not incredibly lazy.

Follow up to plan:

1. Went to the doctor for a full check up (good health, keep exercising, lose some damn weight.) I asked about my crap immune system and was told that I was fine and to wash my hands more. Damn if that didn't make a huge difference. I now consciously try to remember not to touch my nose or mouth after touching lots of public things (like being on the subway) until I can wash my hands.

2. If I'm not running, I try to at least walk for a couple of miles every day. It still seems to aggravate the foot injury so I'm trying to find the right mix.

3. Ran in another 5K with my Skull n Bones team in July. I didn't want to, didn't feel trained for it, but I did it. And because I am stubborn, I ran every step. I was the dead last finisher. (And the world didn't end, and I didn't die of embarrassment, contrary to my expectations.)

4. Eating Plan. So NOT up to speed on this. I have no idea what my blockage on this topic is.

So NEW plan:

1. Owlette must SERIOUSLY lose weight. Perhaps a full time food-nanny?

2. Keep up exercise program. The latest is that for the relay marathon next year, the team has decided that we will all shift one position. That means I start with a 10k (6 miles) run. Last year my cousin did it with a sprained ankle (obtained in mile one.) So there isn't a lot of room for excuses.

3. Exhaust (ha ha) all avenues re: sleep - so important! - before resorting to prescribed western pharmaceuticals.

Does anyone have any tricks to share for sleep issues? I'm all ears.


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