Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Can't Shake Feeling Blimp-ish...

Ugh. Can't seem to shake feeling blimp-ish today. I know it seems obvious but I sorta just realized that losing all that weight (or even a portion of it) is a TWO YEAR project.

I was feeling so strong recently but have been catching glimpses of myself in windows and am shocked - SHOCKED. It should be obvious but those of us that are significantly overweight don't always see ourselves clearly. We tend to concentrate on our best features, or on bits rather than the whole.

*Sigh* Trying to have a better attitude.

On the plus side, had a good workout with more running time than ever before. Focus on that and not your ass, Owlette.

As of 6/1/08:


Total Lost
Weight 221.5

5.5 lbs.
Bust 44.5"

1.5 in.
Waist 38.5"

2.5 in.
Hip 51.5"

1.5 in.
BMI 39.2%


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