Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Thrill of Victory...The Agony of Defeat

So at the weigh-and-measure-in I lost 2.5 lbs! A great feeling, on top of the great feeling I am getting from being much more fit.

In fact, there are others getting in on the act now - the French Hairdresser and his boyfriend the Cowboy think it's all a great plan and are in with us now.

So we had already decided to ride to Central Park and have a picnic. The plan was to ride up to 59th St and enter the park, find a good spot, and maybe ride the big loop around the park since there are no cars on Sunday (about 10 million bikers and skaters, but that's a different story.) It's about 2.5 miles from our house to the Park - and more uphill than I realized.

But we ride up and cannot get across to the park at 59th - there is an Israel Day parade and it's PACKED with people. We had to ride all the way up to 86th St (another 1.5 miles) just to cross Fifth Avenue into the Park. The park was so full that we had to ride on the roadway up around the reservoir to get to the west side where the Cowboy was meeting us. (Another mile+, and MOSTLY UPHILL.)

When we got to the meeting spot I was done. We laid around, ate, talked, and generally enjoyed the beautiful afternoon. Beloved, of course, couldn't sit still and did the big loop on her own. There is no way I could have done all those hills.

But I was feeling pretty good if a little done-in when Beloved brightly says "Let's go all the way around the Battery and stop at the Seaport for a drink." (This would have added about an additional 6+ miles to our way home!) The French Hairdresser jumps all over it with his fancy bike, Tour De France outfit, and clippy shoes. I was so upset because there is really no way I could have managed that. I was sure I could get home without a problem, even going out of our way to go down by the Hudson, but adding more?

It totally deflated me. Why would Beloved suggest something like that? I'm really doing great with fitness, but I am NOT near that level yet. Shouldn't they both have known that? Yes, they should have.

So we had a great day, but I still feel like I held people back from having fun. So no matter that I did all the extra riding and the hills successfully, I still feel a little loser-ish. Gotta work on stomping out the negative voice. She's a pain in the ass.

As of 6/1/08:


Total Lost
Weight 221.5

5.5 lbs.
Bust 44.5"

1.5 in.
Waist 38.5"

2.5 in.
Hip 51.5"

1.5 in.
BMI 39.2%


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