Monday, June 9, 2008

My God! The Heat!

Well, I am definitely getting stronger and more fit. But I had some setbacks this week - it took more effort to get less done (hormones?) and the scale showed a 2 lb GAIN. I think it's hormones and heat, but it still feels bad.

I don't even feel like writing - and since it was already 80 degrees at 6:30 AM (on the way to 99 for today) I just don't feel like going to the track. Leaving the bedroom AC is like getting smacked in the lungs with a hot, wet towel.

Beloved, that show off, has gone. She loves heat and is impervious to humidity; while I am like a beached whale barely able to move. Even my brain turns off.

Every year I wonder why I live in NYC when August rolls around with it's 1000% humidity days. But June? Oy.

As of 6/8/08:


Total Lost
Weight 223.5

3.5 lbs.
Bust 45"

1 in.
Waist 39"

2 in.
Hip 52"

1 in.
BMI 39.2%


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