Friday, May 30, 2008

The Real Week 5 - A Better Attitude

We said good-bye to the company - the week actually went pretty fast. On Sunday 5/25 we weighed and measured - pretty good results! An inconsistent week still showed forward progress. Excellent!

As I wrote about here we had a really enjoyable ride up the West Side, with a stop for spontaneous kayaking. We did go to Zum Schneider, and some friends joined us. Our friend Bruce is an awesome massage therapist and educator - he is one of the founders of stone massage - (Call him for an appointment in New York or Miami!) - and when we got back home he looked at Beloved's ankles. He did some simple stretches while explaining that any injury needs blood and oxygen to heal, so by gently moving the muscles and tissues we can direct additional blood flow and increased oxygen to the affected site.

And sure enough, the swelling was noticeably diminished when he was done. A great start to the week.

And things are finally getting a little easier. The week's accomplishments:

  • Exercised every day by accident and didn't notice until just now.
  • Made it up the second hill in Jersey City 50% of the time. (The "big hill" still defeats me.)
  • Made it up the first part of the ramp going to the East River Park. Might have made it up the second part but am still a bit glackity on the tight turns, and once I lose momentum it's all over.
  • Asked Beloved when they moved the World Trade Center closer to our house. :) (That means no resting on the way to or from the WTC PATH station!)
  • Maintaining a 1.5 mile walk at the track, with 4 hundred-meter running intervals.
  • Lost 1.5 pounds!
I am cautiously optimistic. Not too shabby for a Big Girl.

As of 5/25/08:


Total Lost
Weight 224

3 lbs.
Bust 44.5"

1 in.
Waist 39"

2 in.
Hip 51"

1 in.
BMI 39.6%


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