Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good News After A Not So Great Week

A quick up-to-date post: with company last week and a yucky medical procedure the exercise schedule got messed up so I did not feel good about checking weight and measurements today.

But I lost a pound and 1.5" so maybe my metabolism is kicking up!

Since Beloved messed up her ankles (more in a future post) I suggested that we go not to the track but on a long bike ride. She agreed, but it was immediately obvious that we defined "long" differently.

I started to say "Let's go to the West Side and ride uptown until I'm half-way tired, then come back and try to go all the way around the Battery to the Seaport and then home." (My ulterior motive is to stop at the seaport for refreshment (and rest!) and then go to one of our favorite restaurants - Zum Schneider - as a special treat.) I was envisioning sort of going up to where the passenger ships dock around 53rd St.

(Extra Bonus! It's Fleet Week so lots of yummy sailors to look at!)

But Beloved interrupted with "Yeah! Great idea. Let's go up the West Side to the bridge." "The Bridge is the GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE at One-freaking-hundred-SEVENTY-EIGHTH Street! The woman is clearly out of her mind.

But we are ready to go on this beautiful Sunday afternoon so more later. We'll see who prevails.


Update: We ended up going all the way to 79th St. It was an amazing day with perfect weather. At 79th St the New York City Downtown Boathouse was offering free kayaking in the Hudson River. I'm not afraid of the river, and I can swim. But I was afraid that I am just too big to do this. But I did it! And it was awesome!

As of 5/25/08:


Total Lost
Weight 224

3 lbs.
Bust 44.5"

1 in.
Waist 39"

2 in.
Hip 51"

1 in.
BMI 39.6%


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